Alyxandra Charfauros

Photo Credit: Beto Soto Photo @betosotophoto

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Theatre Performance; Acting

Alyxandra Ciale Trinidad Charfauros is a Creatrix, serving Ancestral Wisdom and Divine Love. Ciale shapes change and new ways of being with their gifts and desires. Post-graduation, they are looking forward to the learning and unlearning necessary to lead an artful life. In their own words, “the Theater Industrial Complex has miseducated me to leave myself at the door, to police a border between my power and their perception of me. The white male gaze is an institution I remove myself from, cutting it off from its sustainable energy source: Me.” Throughout Ciale’s time in University, they have discovered themself in the stories of a twelve-year-old orphan, a transnational adoptee, a recovering drug addict— Ciale met as words in a play and have become ancestors that make this moment of creation possible. As a Queer Filipinx Chamorrx artist still coming out and into themself, Ciale longs for community, a gathering place where we may imagine themself without shame.


Survived four years of higher education in a primarily white institution as a brown queer spiritist
Started therapy
Loved myself