Courtney Ziegelmeyer

Photo Credit: Zach Morris

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Earl V. Moore Award - Dance

Courtney Ziegelmeyer received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance from the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance and a Bachelor of Science in movement science from the School of Kinesiology. She enjoys combining her two passions of dance and anatomy to explore the artistic and scientific workings of the body, culminating in creative and intellectual growth, expression, and discovery. She aspires to pursue a career in dance and continue her education studying physical therapy.

Courtney would like to thank the faculty, staff, and fellow students in the Department of Dance for continuously encouraging, challenging, and inspiring her.


– Her choreography, a trio called Kosmonaught, was selected to represent the Department of Dance in the 2020 Collage Concert.
– She worked intensively in the creation process for Nicki Reehorst’s MFA Dance thesis project, playing dead, a physically and emotionally complex dance that examined gendered tropes in classical ballet. Courtney was a pivotal collaborator in this process, deeply examining the ways that performance is research. A memorable performance of playing dead was included in the University-wide symposia, “Sexual and Gender Based Awareness in the Performance Arts,” the first of its kind offered by SMTD in 2019.
– Courtney joined Prof. Jillian Hopper in researching and re-staging Doris Humphrey’s 1938 masterwork, Pasacaglia and Fugue in C Minor, accompanied by Professor of Organ, James Kibbie, in Hill Auditorium as part of The Dance Legacy Project in 2018.
-Participated in a very successful student run, Arts in Color, presentation, “A World Beyond” where she and fellow dancer Cailin Fergeson created and performed a witty and rhythmically complex duet, Not the Default (2019). In this project, she dove into art-making as activism. She and Cailin were then selected to represent the Department of Dance at the annual Oakland Dance Festival, performing Not the Default, for an audience made up of Michigan university and high school students and faculty.
– Participated in a month-long collaborative residency with Jeanne Mamluft in a summer intensive to produce a group work and quartet alongside other emerging artists in the Cincinnati area for the Area Choreographers Festival.
– Worked with Rosie Herrera, Carlos Pons Guerra, Yvonne Rainer, Gail Corbin, Jennifer Harge, and Julie Tice.
– Featured roles in Department of Dance faculty works at the annual Power Center for the Performing Arts season, Senior BFA concerts and MFA concerts.