Jaime Murrel

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Performing Arts Technology; Visual Arts

Throughout my years as an SMTD student in the Performing Arts Technology Curriculum B/C program, I have grown as an artist both musically and visually. This program has helped me discover new techniques I would have not thought of doing. From coding to animation and down to the studios where I record music, I have learned how to combine what I’ve learned to make my works be the best that they could possibly be. I’m glad this program has a combination of both learning about music technology as well as incorporating visual storytelling and these are one of the many things I like to do. This program hits different parts of what the fine arts truly are. The collaborative aspects have given me new friends along the way and made the process a lot more enjoyable as well. Overall, my experience in PAT was challenging my mind to think outside the box to create an awesome portfolio for my future endeavors. I’m excited to see what comes next, and use what I have learned to succeed and thrive in places that are of interests.


Joined Hip Hop Dance Team called EnCore and performed around campus