Levana Wang

Photo Credit: Shani Hadijan

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Theatre Performance; Acting

Levana Wang is a proud soon-to-be graduate of the University of Michigan’s BFA Acting program. During her time at Michigan, she has been featured in numerous university productions such as You For Me For You and FTVM feature films such as the upcoming film called RED, set to premiere at the Traverse City Film Festival. Levana can also be found on the Survivor Michigan YouTube series and her self-curated #LevanaInLondon IGTV series, which you can find on the @umichsmtd Instagram. Most recently, Levana has taken on the role of director, producer, and actor in the film Emotional Creature, which features the talents of the senior BFA acting women and the cross-collaboration talents of FTVM and STAMPS students. Starting this April, Levana will be working at the one and only Wendy Williams Show in NYC and she is excited to see where the future takes her!


Survivor Michigan — YouTube Series
You For Me For You — University Productions
SHEI Magazine Cover Model
SMTD Cultural Exchange with South Africa Participant
Incognito — SMTD Production
Love And Information — University Productions
Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts Study Abroad — London, UK
RED FTVM 423 — Upcoming Film Set to Premiere at Traverse City Film Festival, Cannes Festival, Other Films Around the World
Emotional Creature — Director, Producer, and Actor (Can be found on YouTube and premiered at the Michigan Theater)
Winner of the MLK Spirit Award and the CSG Social Justice and DEI Award