Owen Smith

Photo Credit: Patrick Marcigliano

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Musical Theatre

Owen Smith is honored to be a graduate of the University of Michigan’s musical theatre program! Aside from theatre, Owen has pursued songwriting, creative writing, and music production while in college. She has gotten the chance to collaborate with classmates on several projects including co-writing and directing Stranger Sings, an original parody musical, and producing MT 21’s holiday album. She is currently working to release her first single wine available soon on all streaming platforms. Highlights from her time at Michigan include performing in this year’s “Girly Show” (find this performance on YouTube @theworkingcatalogue) as well as SMTD’s spring musical Godspell where she will be singing “Turn Back O’Man,” and an original song entitled “Love Thy Neighbor.” Special shoutout to Owen’s mom and dad for being incredibly supportive throughout her college journey! Forever, GO BLUE!!!!!


“Turn Back O’Man” in Godspell
Phebe in As You Like It
The Witch in Into The Woods (MTI in Trentino, Italy)
Nancy D. in A New Brain
Co-wrote, directed, and performed in excerpts from Stranger Sings, the “we thought of it first” parody musical
Sandra in The Exonerated