Rachel Christmas

Master of Music
Music Education

My name is Rachel Christmas and I am graduating with a Master of Music in music education. I have served as a teaching assistant along side Dr. Michael Hopkins for the undergraduate strings methods class. I worked in the SMTD Office of Admissions as a student assistant during both years of my degree program. During my Music School of the Future graduate seminar class, with Prof. Ed Sarath, I was able to collaborate with Alexandria Freeman and Maya Johnson to create a conversation panel regarding the future of ensembles, as our final project. This panel developed into the “Music School of the Future Community Conversation,” which was open to SMTD students and faculty and took place in December 2019. My educational research has been grounded in a DEI perspective, exploring topics such as Examining Culturally Responsive Pedagogy within Pre-Service Music Teacher Education Programs and Don’t Just Bridge the Gap, Sustain It: Sustaining Music Programs in Underserved Communities. My master’s presentation, entitled The Challenge of Diversity in the String Teacher Workforce, focuses on how we can begin to restructure and reform curriculum on both the P-12 and collegiate level, to better support a racially/ethnically diverse string student population and string educator workforce.