Rhett Shepherd

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Interarts Performance

Rhett Shepherd is graduating with a BFA in interarts performance. After spending their initial year solely in the Stamps School of Art and Design, they realized that their insatiable love for the performing arts combined with their existing passion for the visual required a unique curriculum through which they could cultivate a variety of skills.

In pursuit of many proficiencies, they’ve spent their studies collaborating with their peers, gaining valuable experience far beyond what their hometown of Springfield, IL could offer. Furthermore, their time spent in U-M’s Educational Theater Company and Michigan Animation Club have only strengthened their love of learning through having them take up the mantle of peer educator to engage and teach their fellow students.

Throughout their remaining time at U-M, they have proudly produced works in the mediums of video, projection, animation, performance, music, writing, visual design, illustration, and a great many combinations between these forms.

As they take their first steps into their artistic future, they aspire to apply their skills to the animation industry, hoping to utilize their worldly experiences to devise fantastic stories for sharing with a widespread audience, striving to break currently established boundaries and set new precedents for diversity and representation.


U-M Educational Theater Company 2017-2020
Michigan Animation Club Officer 2019-2021
Basement Arts
She Kills Monsters – Actor (Farrah, Evil Tina)
A Beautiful Country – Video & Projection Designer 2020
Highest Heaven – Video and Projection Designer 2021
Interarts Forum – Performer/Content Creator 2018-2021