Ryan McGee

Photo Credit: Carmen Estrada

Bachelor of Music
Performance; French Horn

Born and raised in Corona, California, Ryan McGee will be graduating with a degree in french horn performance this year. During his time at Michigan, Ryan took advantage of the opportunity to pursue various musical interests; some of those include continuing to play electric bass in a handful of ensembles, performing with each orchestra and band, performing with both the Jazz Ensemble and Lab Band on horn, studying arranging, and working as both a member and leader on the stage crew.

Outside of school, Ryan loves exploring the physical and mental parallels between music and fitness (performance). Leading into this school year, he earned his CrossFit Level-1 Trainer Certificate and has enjoyed using it to train himself and others. Ryan’s proudest collegiate achievements were performing with the 2019 Disneyland Resort All-American College Band—he dreamed of doing since he was a kid—his senior recital.

Ryan’s favorite part about SMTD was being surrounded by incredible, supportive people who love what they do and work hard to get better at it. He has loved every second of his time at Michigan and is excited to apply everything he’s learned to whatever comes next. At this time, he is interested in pursuing a career in the military band field.