Sarah Juliano

Photo Credit: Justin Schuman- JShoots

Bachelor of Musical Arts
Performance; Voice

Sarah transferred to SMTD her junior year, but still feels her time has been well spent. She starred in MUSKET’s Bare as Nadia, and James Harbaugh’s The Lord of the Flies as Maurice. Sarah has loved her time at Michigan exploring different genres of vocal music and collaborating with musicians. She has also made some of her best buddies in the improv comedy club, Midnight Book Club. Sarah is forever grateful for the opportunities she’s been given at Michigan, COVID or not!


Nadia, MUSKET, Bare: A Pop Opera
Carly, Basement Arts One Acts, The Most Massive Woman Wins
3AM Productions, “I Could Use A Drink”, The Music of Drew Gasparini
“Anything But Classica,l” Cabaret
Maurice, James Harbaugh Senior Dir. Project, Lord of the Flies
Mush/Elmer, MUSKET, Newsies: Filmed in Concert
Midnight Book Club Member
2021 Arts at Michigan Mini-Grant Winner